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        1. Trial Weaving of Benfa Technology Fiber Braiding Machine

          Benfa Technology’s carbon fiber braiding machine has recently been successfully developed and entered the trial weaving stage.
          Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, which is a very good new material. It can be widely used in high-end cutting-edge technologies such as mechanical casing, aerospace and aviation, and has very broad development prospects.
          Benfa Technology attaches great importance to the research and development of carbon fiber weaving, and has successively cooperated with many large universities in the research and development of carbon fiber technology.
          Compared with the traditional hose braiding machine of Benfa Technology, the carbon fiber braiding machine is completely different in both the weaving method and the application technology. For Benfa Technology, all aspects are new challenges.
          After the product came out, Benfa Technology immediately organized personnel to perform sample weaving on the product, and the sample result was in line with expectations. This indicates that Benfa Technology’s carbon fiber braiding machine technology is becoming more mature, and it is believed that it can be put on the market in batches in the near future.


          Post time: Nov-04-2021
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